CANDLES: We are selling Partylite candles. The fundraising items (pictured below) we earn 50% of the sales. The three items are pictured below with the different scents available. You can also order from the regular catalog by visiting and shopping under Host: Kristie Gonzales. Sarah is generously donating a portion of the sales.  You can order online for regular catalog items or contact me at to order the fundraising items.

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COFFEE: We have an ongoing fundraiser through Just Love Coffee Roasters. Their coffee is amazing and would make great Christmas presents and stocking stuffers. Having a hard time deciding which coffee to get, try the sampler pack! Make sure you shop from our storefront supporting Gonzales Family Adoption.

Bath and Body: Homemade Shea Butter body lotion. This lotion is unscented and has three ingredients: Unrefined Raw Grade A Shea Butter, Grapeseed Oil, Cornstarch. Shea has many healing properties and personally, has helped my son’s eczema. Before I started making him this lotion he was on a restricted diet, used medicated lotion, and had extremely dry skin. Now he is off the diet, off the medicated lotion and has the softest skin around. Each bottle will come with ribbon wrapped around the lid in your choices of colors of the Congo flag (blue, yellow, and red). There is unscented and lavender scented available. 4 ounce bottles are $7.00 plus shipping. Contact me at to order.

Salt Bath. Vanilla or lavender scented. 8 ounce jars $6.00070Warm Brown Sugar and Vanilla Body Scrub. 4 ounce jar $6.00

067Moisturizing Body Scrub (Shea butter, Coconut Oil, Olive Oil, Brown Sugar) 4 ounce jar $6.00


Bath Combo: Salt Bath, Warm Brown Sugar and vanilla Scrub, and wither the moisturizing scrub or the Shea Butter Body Lotion. $15.00


Customizable Jewelry: These items can be customized for name, country, DRC LOVE, ETHIOPIA LOVE, 1 less, 2 less, names or initials, year of adoption, etc. Colors for the bracelets are: black, red, blue, yellow, and green. I can also get pink or other colors upon request. Necklaces can be customized with the different sayings as well. They are 18 inches long.

Bracelets and Key chains are $15 shipping included and necklaces are $20 shipping included.


Key Chains: Customizable key chains. Same options as above or others if you have something special you would like. keychainContact me at for questions or to place your order.


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