Change a Life – Change for Congo

What is it? Change a Life – Change for Congo is a fundraiser to help and orphan from the DR Congo, Africa to make their journey to their forever home and have “one less” child without a family. Half of the money donated will go towards adoption expenses and the other half will go towards a donation to an orphanage in the Congo.

How can I help? Request a bottle ( and fill it with loose change. Put it somewhere you empty your pockets: table by the door where you put your keys, night stand, kitchen counter, etc. Your donation of “change” will help change a child’s life by helping them become part of their forever family as well as helping out the orphans that remain in DR Congo.

What do I do when our bottle is full? You can either contact us at to drop off the bottle and your change OR, you can take the change into your bank and send us a check and pass the bottle on to another family. Please also include your names, location and a brief message that will be logged under your bottle number. Let’s see how far these bottles can travel! you can track your bottle and where it has been by looking for the number below.

What is the long-term goal? The long-term goal for the Change a Life – Change for Congo Campaign  is to become a non-profit organization that can help a family adopting from the Congo by awarding a grant each year. We hope to keep the bottles going and having more sent out daily. The plan will be: half the money donated to go towards a grant for an adoptive family and the other half towards an orphanage in the Congo. When our adoption is complete and I have finished with the mountain of paperwork from it I will be applying to make this a non-profit organization that can bless other families navigating the journey of international adoption.

If you have any questions, would like to request a bottle, make a donation, or have bottles to donate to this cause please contact me at Thank you your support in the journey and helping bring an orphan home! 



Kristie, Tony, and Hudson Gonzales – Beaverton, Oregon – We are so excited to be on this journey and can’t wait to meet our newest member of the family! 


Kevin, Sharla, Bryson, and Kaysen Caudle – Sheridan, Oregon


Janet, Dan, Riley and Lily Phillips – Hillsboro, Oregon


Trina, Josh, and Avery Harings – Portland, Oregon


Melissa, Matt, Madison, Micah and Mason Marteney – Hillsboro, Oregon


Jan And Doug Balzer – Beaverton, Oregon


Erin, Jason, Ellie, Joseph, and Katrina VanderMeide – Hillsboro, Oregon (thank you Ellie for your geneours donation already! The sweet heart of a 6 year old!!)


Leah, Eli, Gabbi, and Biddy Mautner – Atlanta, Georgia


Ceicilia Morris – Monahans, Texas – Taxas Love


Matt, Stephanie, and Madison Brown – Cornelius, Oregon

Kim, Daryl, and Savannah Jennings – North Plains, Oregon


Jeff, Jaylene, Chloe, Jacosa, Kyle and Jonah Johnson – Hillsboro, Oregon


Jaydee Brown – Aloha, Oregon


Jim Hoyt and Lyda Longa – Ormond Beach, Florida









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