Accepting The Change

We have been pretty quiet here lately. Some major things have been happening in our adoptions and I also started a page on Facebook where you can purchase my handmade she lotions and some other products. It has been pretty successful and I can’t wait to get some new products out. Check it out The good news is our case in DRC is moving along smoothly and we are ready to go and get our son as soon as the country opens up with exit letters. We are happy our case progressed smoothly and are extremely grateful for our agency and their hard work to make sure it would happen.

However, things aren’t so smooth in Niger. I have been quiet while we process the news and I don’t think we have still fully grasped it yet. I can’t go into details. Some of it is to protect her story, but our daughter won’t be coming home. There is nothing anyone can do. We fought as long as possible and tried every route and our agency worked hard on our behalf. We are so grateful for their efforts and their words of comfort during this time. They truly are amazing people we have on our side! It is hard to grasp. We had lost three referrals in DRC before our son but so early on in the process. Not after months of seeing new pictures and videos and watching our “daughter” grow. We knew so much about her. We were (and still are) her parents in our hearts. We will always consider her our daughter; she just won’t be coming home with us.

But in all this, I have a strange peace about it. Maybe it’s because I know more of her story and what can happen with it. Or perhaps because I had coffee with a dear sweet friend who showed me how to have acceptance for a plan you could never imagine would happen but did. And one day I will meet her. This little girl may not be who was meant to be our daughter that lives with us but we aren’t giving up on our dream. We are waiting patiently to see who is meant to be our daughter we bring home. And I will do everything in my power to make sure our little girl is taken care of. What does that mean or look like? I honestly have no idea. We will have to wait and see. For now, we are trying to grasp a new reality, we are learning to let her go, and we wait to see how our family will look. Her pictures are hanging in our house; we will celebrate her birthday, and make sure she is not lost in the millions of orphans.

Thank you to everyone that have been checking in on us these past few weeks while we sorted this out. Your kind words and gestures are truly appreciated and loved!


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