Family Time

The past few weeks have been difficult for us. We don’t have all the details and aren’t at a point to share yet. When we do (and are ready) we will post details. But we have been grieving and as it is with adoption, still moving forward at the same time. We took a few days to spend some time together as a family. We went to the beach and we had a blast! Hudson enjoyed the sand, and as he threw sand everywhere I cringed at the sand in the hair, but accepted it and let it be. I was quite pleased that his box braids stood up to the sand better than cornrows. Very little stayed in the hair and most came out while sleeping. No vacuuming needed when we got home. AND a big bonus, I was asked for hair tips from an adult African American male while in line at the Tillamook Cheese Factory. He loved how long and healthy Hudson’s hair was and the braids he had. It was nice to be getting compliments and asked for advice versus the death stares we normally get. We enjoyed a nice sunset on the beach and Hudson loved being in a hotel and sharing a bed. He really enjoyed the fact that he could sneak out of bed and get himself a snack in the middle of the night.


We had a delicious Easter dinner and Hudson enjoyed his baskets and gifts. Yes I said baskets as in 2 (one from us and Grandpa and Grandma) and gifts from both Aunt Katie and Auntie Kirbie. He was spoiled and loved it!

And now back to work on fundraising we go. We are getting everything ready for the auction which will be in just a few weeks. We have over 140 items and they are wonderful items! I can’t believe how blessed we are to have the support from friends and family and strangers. Next week I will post all of the donors and their contact info. For now we have our puzzle fundraiser going on. Sponsor a piece for $10 and your name will be written on the back. It will be framed in a double-sided glass mirror so we can show our baby everyone who helped bring them hope to their forever family. We have had a few sponsored already (THANK YOU! to those that have sponsored a piece). To be a part of our child’s journey you can make a donation through paypal ( and in the message let me know the name(s) you would like on your piece(s).

puzzleCan’t wait until the puzzle is complete and we can show it to our little one!


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