Under Attack

Sorry I have been quiet lately. But our family has been under “attack”. Another adoptive mom posted the following on facebook:

 “When God has shifted things in your favor, don’t be surprised if you have opposition. It means you are close to your victory.”

This is exactly how it has been for our family these past few weeks. We have been experiences a few attacks. One we can’t share about yet. When we can, when we have clarification and answers (well, as much as we can get anyways) we will share. The one we can share about is our financial attack. Monday, while an hour away from home and at work, my car stopped working. It turns on, I can move the gear shift, but then the car doesn’t move. It’s in drive but won’t move. The tow truck guy couldn’t even get the car to budge forwards or backwards when in neutral. So, what does this mean? A HUGE expense, unplanned of course! The mechanic called and unfortunately it is not an easy fix. It requires a special dealer part that has to be special ordered. It has been ordered, but who knows if it will arrive this week, and he doesn’t know how long (meaning how much labor at about $50 an hour) it will be in addition to this special order part! Meanwhile, we are paying for a rental car. Being a one car family has its down side. Tony does have a truck, but it’s not a commuter car I need for work and it is not safe for having Hudson in, so a rental car it is.  I can only hope that the quote above is true and we may be getting close to a victory in our other “attack”. But for now, we need to increase our fundraising efforts to make up the expense we will have to pay out for the car. Luckily, we have a big fundraiser coming up soon! Like our facebook page “Fufu and Injera- our DRC & Ethiopia Adoptions” so you don’t miss it.  We still have plenty of body scrubs, shea lotion, and bath salts for sale and our puzzle piece fundraiser going on. You can sponsor a piece of the puzzle for $10, purchase any of our fundraising items, or take a change bottle and fill it up. The puzzle will be framed double sided so our child can see all the names of everyone who helped bring them home to their forever family. Contact me to sponsor your piece.

And continue to pray for us in our other “attack” as we wait patiently for answers.


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