Nursery Theme Decided!

We have a theme decided for the baby’s room. Since we are in the long “wait” time for our adoption we decided to work on something fun: the nursery décor. We have decided the base color will be gray and we will go with blue or purple depending on our referral. Furniture will be white (since that is what we have from Hudson’s room and it works perfect with gray). What we can’t decide on is to have an accent wall with white and gray chevron stripes, or large horizontal stripes on all the walls of the same color just one of flat paint and the other with enamel paint. I have been looking on pinterest and love the different ideas, now to just decide and start painting. And we have the theme! Want to know what it is? Help us reveal the theme by completing our puzzle. Here’s how it works:

We will hang the puzzle in a double sided frame so both the front and back can be seen. We will write names on the back of the pieces as a visual for our little one to see of everyone who helped bring them to their forever family.  Once the puzzle is complete we will post a picture to reveal our nursery theme. So how do you get your name on a piece? Here’s how:

– purchase any of my fundraising items. (go to the top and click on “fundraisers”)

-from now until March 25th you can donate a new item for the auction

– take home and fill up one of our “Change a Life – Change for Congo” bottles. This will give you two pieces to have the — Family across two pieces

– sponsor a piece for $10 by making a donation

Contact me to get your piece and be a permanent part of our child’s journey to their forever family. (


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