Hudson’s Hair Care Products

Let me first say this is what I do for Hudson’s hair. These are the products that work best for us. They may not work for your little one, but it’s a place to start. So here are the products I use in Hudson’s hair, where I get them, and how I use them. Also, yes there are a lot of products in this picture and a good chunk of money was spent, however, these products last me a very long time and his hair is super healthy, so to me it’s worth it. You by all means don’t need to use the same as me or have the variety. The keys items are liquid (water), oil ( your choice) and a cream (moisturizer). And when I travel I only take the necessities. For our trip to Hawaii I put in small tight cornrows (to last longer and help with sand removal) and all I took was a spray bottle, jojoba oil, coconut oil, tangle teezer, rat-tail comb, kinky curly knot today, and his conditioner for co-washing.

hair products

Coconut oil – I like to buy organic unrefined coconut oil from the cooking section of you favorite grocery store. This is used in many ways:
– I mix it in the spray bottle of his daily spritz moisturizer and refresher
– melt in my hands and apply directly to dry hair before using the kinky curly come clean shampoo.
– melt in my hands and apply after co-washing and detangling when using the kinky curly curling custard for shingling his hair (free hair days)

Jojoba oil – I buy this at Whole Foods. It can also be found online but I found it cheaper at Whole Foods (before they raised their prices). I bought this about 3 months ago and it is used daily. So you can see it does last a long time
– I put this in his daily spritzing bottle
– use a q tip (or acrylic paint brush) to dip in the jojoba oil and apply directly onto the scalp when I notice dry patches

Distilled water – buy at your favorite grocery store. I used distilled water because the dis tilling process takes out impurities making it healthier for the hair.
– use in daily spritz bottle
– also a separate bottle of just water for when I need to get his hair wet when styling

Kinky Curly Knot Today – I buy this at target. This bottle has lasted me about 7 months know. I use a small nickel size amount on damp hair. Work in tips to root before detangling. This is a leave in detangle, not a moisturizer. You need to make sure to add oil and/or moisturizing cream after using this product. Using this alone can cause hair to dry out.

Tangle teezer – Sally’s beauty supply or amazon. This is my favorite detangling tool after my fingers. It took a little bit to get use to it. Hold in palm with bristle side up and detangle small sections starting at tips and working your way to the roots.

Clips – I bought mine a t Sally’s but I’m sure they are found almost anywhere. The bigger plastic clips I use for departing parted hair or sections for detangling. They get used the most. The small metal alligator clips are only use when I need them to hold a braid that I will then do something with. Like when I twisted braids together for his black widow and spider web style for Halloween.

Kinky Curly Curling Custard – I buy this at Target. It has lasted me 7 months and I have barely used it. It doesn’t work well with other products. It will make little white flakes, but I have had success using it with just coconut oil in the hair. This is my favorite styling gel for “shingling” (free hair day). It has good hold (his free hair when taken care of lasts about a week) and is cruelty free. I barely use it since I like protective styles for this age and for the winter. I did use it a lot in the summer though and I’m sure I will again this summer.

Blended Beauty Butter Me Up – online from their website. It’s a little pricey but this container has lasted me 4 months now and I have only used maybe 1/4 of it. I use this about every 10 – 14 days when I restyle that isn’t free hair. If you sign up in their website they have a rewards program and email you when they have sales. It’s more money up front, but long term it’s worth it. In fact, I haven’t bought any hair products for Hudson in 4 months because a small amount goes a long way. This is my cream moisturizer. It’s put in after hair is detangled and coconut oil has been worked through. I usually detangle and work coconut oil in then part Hudson’s hair. Then each section I put this moisturizer in (as well as the product mentioned next) before braiding each section

Blended Beauty Happy Nappy Style – online through their site. Again, more expensive upfront but lasts forever. This is what I use for hold. Hudson’s hair is very fine and anything with a wax clumps up his hair and causes build up on his scalp which irritates his eczema. This does not have wax in it but does a great job providing hold to his hair when braiding it. I work this through in sections after the butter me up moisturizer right before I braid the hair.

Shea Moisture Deep Treatment Masque and a shower cap – both at Target. The whole line of She Moisture is at Target, they just started carrying it. I would love to try their other products but since I have so much left of my other stuff and it works for Hudson we will be waiting until I need to buy more. This product is a deep conditioning treatment  that I use in the winter about every three weeks, summer about every 6. To use, co-wash hair as normal. Then apply the shea moisture masque to the hair (a good amount, enough to make the hair look white from the product), cover the hair with the shower cap and wrap a warm towel around the head. The warmth is to open the pores to allow the product in to the hair shaft. But if you have a kiddo like mine who won’t sit with a warm towel on his head I do one of two tricks: 1. turn the shower nozzle on with warm water and let run over his head and play with in the tub or 2. use those hooded towels and put on and watch TV. Both have worked, just depends on the day. Then rinse out with fresh water (as is not the tub water) that is slightly cooler (this now closes the pores and helps give the shine). I love this and Hudson’s hair is always so easy to detangle and style after a deep conditioner treatment.

Aubrey Organics Honeysuckle Rose Conditioner – I get this at Whole Foods. This is one of the conditioners I have tried. It works well for Hudson and I don’t have to drive far to get it or order it online. I use this as our regular wash for hair about every 10 days or as needed.

Quick Beader – ordered off of Amazon. This is used to add beads to hair. As you can tell I haven’t used it yet, but have a style in mind to try (maybe I’ll do it and post a “how to”)

Wide tooth comb (blue) – Available anywhere. If there is a knot I can’t get out with finger detangling in the tub with conditioner in the hair I use this. I honestly don’t use it much anymore.

Rat tail comb – I got this at Sally’s because I like the metal one versus plastic. It gives crisper part lines and is faster to make parts than plastic ones.

Silicone rubber band – Honestly I found these at the Dollar Store. I only use these for a style that requires holding braided strands together (like the spider on the web) and then to have for using beads

scissors – Sally’s. This is for cutting out fairy knots. Tiny knots at the tips of the hair. These need to be cut out immediately because they can cause breakage.

Not pictured is our shampoo – 1 cup distilled water mixed with 2 TBSP of organic apple cider vinegar. I put in a spray bottle to better control the flow and spray on the scalp. This is used as our shampoo when needed (if product builds up or during swim lessons I use this to help cleanse the hair better – i have other tricks for swimming but that’s another post).

Ok, there you have it, our products, where I get them, and how I use them. Again, these are what work for us and Hudson’s hair. They might not work for the little one coming home so I will have to change it up and see! Hope this helps and if you have questions feel free to ask.


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