Hudson blows bubbles with sharks and kisses a ray!

Our dossier has been finished for awhile now. It will make its way to DRC by the end of this month, where hopefully it starts getting translated. The past week some changes have been made about adoption in DRC. In short, there has been a change in the investigations and the time it will add to adoptions. This was done to make it more ethical and make the children are true orphans. I won’t go into much details about this because it is new and information about it is still being released. What we do know is it will add some time to the process once w receive a referral. How much time we don’t quite know yet. This is being done to ensure adoptions are ethical and they don’t get shut down like they have in other countries. This is a good thing, difficult to hear and process, but good for the children and the families they have there. Once I know more I will update the blog with information.

But for us, we are still waiting on a referral. We have now been waiting longer for a referral for this adoption than we did with Hudson’s. And I know we were spoiled with Hudson’s short wait time for a match, but in a country with 5 million orphans we never expected to wait longer than an infant domestic adoption. But we wait. So while we wait, I try and keep busy. With fundraising, prepping for a trip that i don’t even know when will happen (I have been working on a little info sheet on how to care for Hudson’s hair – I know over kill, but no one else has even washed it besides me, let alone style it!) work, family, but most importantly with Hudson. I have been making sure to spend time with my little blessing. We have been visiting friends for him to have play dates and went to the Portland Aquarium yesterday. He had a blast, and has no fear as somehow he managed to stick his face in the sharks and rays tank and blow bubbles and kiss the baby ray. (Please don’t ask me how it happened, because I honestly don’t know) all I know is I had to say “I know you love water and giving love to animals but we don’t stick our face in the shark tank at the aquarium” (and really it was only said because of the weird look the staff member was giving me and I had to fight laughing while saying it). So we moved on to the little kids touch tank. The one only a foot high, the one my son repeatedly tried to climb into because he was mad the fish he grabbed out of the water wiggled loose and swam off and he wanted “my fishy”. So I learned a few things from the trip:
1. Don’t try and get the camera out to take a picture of my son feeding rays bc he will use the moment to kiss them and stick his head in the shark and ray tank.
2. While they had their best intentions to make a baby touch pool where moms don’t have to break their backs holding their kids up, my son thinks its his bathtub and will climb in to catch his fish
3. Jellyfish will now and forever be called “bubbles”
4. We are starting swim classes again next session so he has a safe outlet for his love of water (and so I have peace of mind that when he decides to jump in a shark tank he can swim, after giving them all kisses of course)


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