Bracelets, Key chains, and Necklaces, oh my!

Friday we went to the USCIS office and had our fingerprints done! That means we are done with all the paperwork and steps (until we receive a referral) and are in the WAITING phase. I’ve been here before. We only waited two short months to be matched with Hudson. Wouldn’t it be nice if both our littles only took two short months each to be referred to us? One can hope right. So what do we do in the meantime? We fundraise! Yesterday my sweet friend Stephanie hosted a Partylite candle party at her house to help raise funds for us! Thank you to everyone that came out and supported us and also helped fill another Change a Life – Change for Congo jar. She also made me a prayer necklace, with “patience while waiting” in there. Boy does she know me well!! And i have to say I LOVE it and it will be worn daily and going to Africa with me to remind me to be patient! If you would like to order some candles the fundraising items are ongoing. contact me to place your order.

Yesterday I also met with another adoptive mom (Ethiopia program) and we worked on some bracelets, key chains, and necklaces. It’s nice to have someone so close going through the process at the same time. Someone to share the little joys and steps completed, and someone to turn to when a bump in the road comes along, because in adoption there will be bumps! So here is a sample of what we came up with.

bracelet Bracelets and Key chains are $15 shipping included


Necklaces are $20 shipping included. The chains are 18 inches.

All of these can be customized. Different country, Ethiopia, 2 less, DRC and the year, etc. Contact me at to place your order or for questions.


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