Dossier is Under Review

Well, as it is with adoption, things change. We have made the decision to go with a different facilitator. We are using Wren’s Song as our facilitator and contact with a lawyer, still going independent, and are using DRC Adoption Services for Dossier and Document review. So, we have sent them the dossier to be reviewed since it is DONE! Well, all except our USCIS approval, which we have our biometrics (fingerprints) scheduled for this week. But since the dossier needs to be translated we are sending it off now and are already on the referral waiting list! It is exciting and scary all at once. This is when it starts to feel real and that we are moving forward in the process. However, now the hardest part comes, w-a-i-t-i-n-g!! How long? Who knows. There are so many variables that play a part in receiving a referral. So what can we do in the meantime? Fundraise! My wonderful friend is hosting a Partylite candle party to help us with fundraising this Saturday. Can’t make it? email me and I will send you the link to shop online or the flyer for the fundraising items!

In other news, we were able to see our friends we haven’t seen in years. Last time we saw them we were all kidless. Now, they have two little boys and we have Hudson and are working on our second adoption. It’s funny how a few years changes everything. It is wonderful to have friends with boys Hudson’s age, because lets face it, boys do play differently. And these boys were comfortable with each other and just started playing together. And Hudson was comfortable with our friends as well which is always a plus.


H&KHudson is also growing and changing everyday. It’s exciting to watch and sad all at once. This week we moved him into a toddler bed. He was already in his toddler bed that was his crib and turned into the three-sided toddler bed, but he kept getting his feet and arms stuck in the rails and waking up crying. We were looking at full size beds when a friend gave us their race car toddler bed. Perfect for my little car fanatic! We left it in the play room for a week for him to play in it and get comfortable and then moved it to his room. He LOVES it! Especially the front where he can “slide” head first off the bed (we have no added a foam mat under the to help protect his head) But like I said, he’s a boy and active and no fear. But isn’t he just adorable in this picture…..


And for his hair this week, we went with one of my favorites, the mohawk!

mohawkHe loves it too and it goes perfect with his new head banging dance moves to his favorite songs (Welcome to the Jungle by Guns n Roses and Life is a Highway by Rascal Flatts). It is a pretty easy style to do and one I can get done fast when we are in a hurry!

So, lets hope our dossier has no errors in it and can be sent off to be translated, our biometrics goes well and is processed fast, and we can fundraise like crazy to be ready when we get our referral!


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