This past week has been crazy and busy, in a good way. To start we received our fingerprint appointment for USCIS. YAY! One step closer. Only problem, it’s the day I have CPR and First Aid for work, can’t skip  the class, so what do we do. Well, we have two options: 1. Request a new appointment time (which will add about another month to the process) or 2. go in to the office early and HOPE they will let us do our fingerprints early. So, we are going for option 2 and hope that they let us! Worse case scenario is they say no and we have to request a new appointment. So we will head there this week (as soon as we find a babysitter for Hudson since kids aren’t allowed). Anyone up for playing with a crazy boy for a few hours? 🙂 Hopefully next week’s post will be titled “FINGERPRINTS DONE!”

This past week we also celebrated Christmas and Hudson’s anniversary of his ADOPTION DAY! Love Christmas! The traditions, activities family, friends, decorations, music, etc.! And I feel very strongly about incorporating your child’s culture into your holidays and traditions. So for us, we have bought African American ornaments and decorations and asked our son’s birthmom what some of her favorite Christmas traditions are to include with Hudson. Her favorites are: going shopping with just the cousins and doing a gift exchange just them. While I LOVE this idea, it’s not feasible for us. Her next favorite (and mine now) going ice skating or to the lake on Christmas Eve. Well, since we don’t live in Texas where its warm enough to head to a lake we will incorporate the ice skating. I love ice skating anyways. We did not go this year (taking a 19 month old ice skating gives me visions of it ended in the ER) so we will start that next year. I can’t wait! We have our own family traditions we started with him this year as well: I wrapped 24 holiday/ winter/ Christmas books and each night before bed Hudson opened one to read, I made an advent calendar with activities to do versus candy, we open presents Christmas Eve with my family and then Santa on Christmas and presents just the three of us. I can’t wait until he is a little older and we can do some more activities. And all the “cars” he got this year for Christmas have been a hit! He is definitely ALL BOY!! For Hudson’s Adoption Day we watched the video my wonderful friend Stephanie made for us last year of the court proceeding, his party celebration, and interviews with those that came to celebrate with us! It was a wonderful and touching video! THANK YOU Stephanie! We also read his book his was given last year “Happy Adoption Day”, and went to dinner at his favorite place as a family! It was a wonderful, relaxing day just the three of us! Can’t believe it has been a year since his adoption was finalized! We are truly blessed!

On the fundraising front we teamed up with another family currently working on an adoption from Ethiopia. I met with my new friend and we talked for hours brainstorming some fundraising ideas. And let me tell you, two brains are ALWAYS better than one! I am excited to get some of the ideas started. We are going to join forces on the auction and are currently collecting donations for the auction. Gift certificates, products, homemade crafts or jewelry, anything helps! And I am blessed by the two families that have returned their “Change a Life – Change for Congo” bottle. Ironically its the same bottle! # 10, is being passed on to family # 3! Thank you to those families for working hard. And I have been told I have two more ready to be picked up (thank you ladies) and sent out one more this week all the way across the country – to Florida! I love seeing these bottles travel and can’t wait to see this turn into a non-profit to offer families grants and orphanages some hope! If you would like a bottle let me know.

Have a safe and blessed NEW YEAR! Welcome 2013!


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