We Are Blessed

This week we have seen been blessings and it is very heartwarming and we are just very grateful. We have received some items for our auction, some we didn’t even ask for. The biggest surprise was the package we received from Shane Evans, illustrator of Chocolate Me, which is written by Taye Diggs. I reached out asking for one autographed book and a T-shirt to auction off and thinking I wouldn’t get a response, they replied immediately saying they would love to help and would send it to me. On Tuesday, I received a HUGE package and thought “who that sure is a lot of bubble wrap for a book and T-shirt.” Then i picked it up and it was heavy! To my surprise, they sent me an autographed copy of Chocolate Me, and four other books that Shane Evans has illustrated. They also sent four of their T-shirts for the auction. And the best part (to me anyways) was the note that Shane included. I was in shock and was overflowed with their love and support. It amazes me when I see people like that support without hesitation and see that they really do share the “sweet” that they talk about in their book. So what it is their book about? It is about a little boy who doesn’t look the same as others in his neighborhood and his mom that helps him see he is perfect the way he is. Watch Chocolate Me! The Chocolatementary  and interview with Taye Diggs to learn more. They also have a facebook page that they are trying to get to 5,000 likes before the end of t he year, so do me a favor and check out their page and like it! These two guys are doing some amazing things going around to schools and sharing their message.

In addition to these donations, we received a few others and are almost ready to get our auction up and available for bidding. We need about 10 more donations and we will be set. Some of our bottles have been filled and are ready to be picked and passed on to others, if you would like a bottle let me know and we can get it out to you. Another friend, who is very crafty, is helping me make items for the auction as well as hosting a Partylite Candle Party as a fundraiser next month. So when I say we are feeling blessed, we are! And we are so grateful for all the love and support we have been shown by our family, friends, and strangers! Yesterday I received notification that our application to US Immigration is being processed and hopefully we will get the fingerprinting appointment soon. In the meantime I am busy finishing up other documents needed for the dossier and then we will officially be paper ready! It’s getting closer and we are getting excited. However, these next few days we are going to take a break from adoption paperwork and spend time with friends and family and celebrate Christmas. I hope everyone has a wonderful holiday and enjoys times with their loved ones. What flavor are you? Here is my “chocolate” baby modeling the donations.



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