Christmas Fun

Yesterday was a busy day full of Christmas fun. First we had a Christmas party with my mom’s group. The kids did a book exchange and Hudson received a perfect book for him. A board book “Little Blue Truck” and he has really been into cars and trucks lately. So much so he cries at Costco every time we pass the big CAT Truck set they have there and gives me his little pouty face as he says “cars”. Luckily he has his Grandpa to save the day for him on that one. The adults did a family night gift exchange and we scored! Our present had hot cocoa mix, Christmas mugs, Christmas sing along songs DVD, Prancer DVD, and bath fizzies! Those will be used during my vacation time. Hudson also fell in love with little Miss Savannah. She is quite the little cutie. He went to all lengths to “love” (kiss) her.

christmas fun 2012 021

He shared toys with her (he went and got her the lego when she went for the car. He may not share the car, but he at least gave her something else! Such a proud momma!

christmas fun 2012 027

And when she was crying he came over and I picked him up so he could hug her. (He is going to be a GREAT Big Brother)

christmas fun 2012 039

Go ahead, take a moment to “aww” at his sweetness. I’ll wait 🙂

Later that night we went to the zoo lights with our friends Tricia, Nate, and the gorgeous little Riley. (Hudson and her have been friends for a year and he mastered his “loving” skills with her). Although he was tired from all the activities that day we made the most of it. He loved touching the lights, petting the goats. He actually was upset because he wasn’t allowed to grab their faces to give them “love”. Some tips for Oregon zoo lights: get there when it starts!! We did and parking was still terrible. The line for the train was already 2 hours long (although we had no intentions of doing the train). When we left the line to get in was really long and the shuttles for parking were being used. We brought our own cocoa from home in thermos cups and brought travel toss cups for all of us. I brought glow stick necklaces for the kids ($1 bins at Target). Next year I will remember to bring extra for when my son throws them in the nasty mud puddle. But we had fun seeing friends and the lights. Normally these two are quite lovey with each other. They tried, their plush jackets got in the way 🙂

christmas fun 2012 040

christmas fun 2012 051

christmas fun 2012 058

christmas fun 2012 064

On the adoption front, we finally have the last piece of paper needed for the home study to be finished. Hopefully it will be all typed up and ready to submit this week. Yay! And a big THANK YOU to those who supported our first fundraiser. We made $83 with the Partylite Candles fundraiser. This is enough to pay for one of our biometrics (fancy name by US Immigration for fingerprints) to get done. Even though we had them done and approved for home study just last month and Oregon only charges $15. But hopefully since our came back for Oregon really fast (less than 2 weeks when average is 6 weeks) they might come back fast for immigration, well, here’s hoping anyways. And an extra THANK YOU to my dear friend Stephanie Brown who has shown unconditional love and support and encouragement through this process. She truly is a blessing to have as a friend!!


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