Remember the Orphans this Christmas

It’s December. People are rushing to get their last minute Christmas shopping done, visits with Santa, hanging stockings, making cookies, going to parties, etc. But half way across the world there are millions of kids without someone to give them a present, without a stocking to hang, and without  someone to hug them at night. As you start playing your Christmas music and making your Christmas playlist take the time to listen to this song:

And as you finish your Christmas shopping think about purchasing something that will help adoptive families bring their orphan home so they can know the joy of a family and the meaning of Christmas. Here are some shopping ideas: Purchase candles or coffee from our site. The coffee makes great stocking stuffers and is really tasty. We are also selling homemade shea butter lotion that works wonders! These are our friends who are working on adopting a little girl from Ethiopia. They are a wonderful family and have some great items to purchase. The birds are cute and the whole family is getting involved to help bring their baby sister home! This family is working on bringing home their little boy from DR Congo. She makes some great ornaments. I have some hanging on my tree she custom made for me! This family is also working on an adoption from DR Congo and have some cute shirts and onesies in their etsy shop.

My point is, we all get caught up in the consumerism mentality and forget that there are children out there who all they want for Christmas is a family. Someone to love them, hug and kiss them, and tell them they matter and are important. So hug your little ones extra tight tonight and help those out there who are less fortunate.


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