Sorry this week’s post is a little late. But as the title says Hudson and I were on vacation in Hawaii. We were there visiting my older sister who was moved there for work. The plane ride went much better than expected. I prepped by taking lots of toys and snacks and a portable DVD player that had Hudson’s favorite show (Doc McStuffins) to watch. He enjoyed it. On the way there at our layover we met a nice family whose daughter loved playing with Hudson. We were even on the same flight back with them so the kids played at the Honolulu airport together as well. We enjoyed having dinner at the beach, going to the Sea Life Park (where Hudson really enjoyed feeding the giant sea turtles and playing in the touch pool). I enjoyed some alone time to enjoy Perl Harbor while Katie, Hudson, and Izzy went to the base to play at the park (since she has clearance there), walking Katie through the process of cooking her first Thanksgiving Turkey! My favorite, snorkeling at Hanauma Bay, listening to traditional Hawaiian music with Hula dancers (one of Hudson’s favorites), Luau (eating the pork was his favorite thing and the dancers) and just relaxing playing with Izzy and being at the beach. Some things I learned for the trip to Africa – snacks and drinks are a must, I will be taking Airborne, and I DO NOT want to do that trip alone! And with that, I will end with some photos.

sleeping on the plane

watching Doc McStuffins

looking at the sting ray with Aunt Katie


sitting with Izzy

on the plane

looking at the sharks

feeding the giant turtles

touching a baby turtle

checking out the plants

the turtle loved his snack!


playing with Izzy

sunset at the beach by my sister’s house

At Paradise Cove for a Luau

at the luau

laying on Izzy

sitting with Izzy

at the beach

getting his Polynesian tattoo

sleeping with Izzy

snorkeling – angel fish

checking out Hanauma Bay


more fish

Hudson and I at Hanauma Bay

Hudson floating at Hanauma Bay


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