Hawaii Bound

That’s right. Hudson and I are leaving here at 4 am to head to the airport to visit my sister in Honolulu. While I am very excited, I am very nervous about Hudson and the plan at the same time. I am prepared, well, as much as you can be with an 18 month old active boy who will be woken up 4 hours earlier than usual and be trapped on my lap for 7+ hours. We have the ergo and a DVD player and the iphone and coloring stuff and duplos and snacks etc. But here’s hoping he does well and isn’t to cranky.

As I pack for this trip I have a list with two column to check off (once when the item is gathered and again when it actually goes in the suite case) A little overboard, YES, but I’d rather make sure I have everything then forget the all important “lovey” that he sleeps with! And while my sister has purchased half the clothes for him for the time we will be there I still don’t have room for everything in the suite case. WHY? you ask! Because of his diapers, life jacket, swim diapers, and HAIR STUFF! That’s right, I am packing more hair stuff for Hudson than I am for me. And this is just the bare essentials. The MUST HAVES on a daily basis for proper hair care and maintenance (and sand removal). I have plans for the beach, hiking, and hopefully Disney character breakfast at the resort, and of course he will be having dinner at The Hard Rock Cafe. it will be his third in less than two years! And his choice of music and how cute he looks in his mohawk hairstyle fits his collection of the punk bears from Hard Rock!. So as I return to packing, wish me luck and I will include a few pictures of our adventures on next weekends post! Hope everyone has a happy Thanksgiving!



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