Adoption Family Gathering

Today we met with 5 other families and their children. There was 7 other chocolate beauties who are adopted and 11 gorgeous vanilla kiddos there tonight. It was great to see Hudson have some boys to interact with (all of our friends have little girls) and Hudson, who is sweet and loving just loved having some boys to play with. He especially loved one little guy and kept giving him love. And on a side note, I am so proud at how loving and polite he is. He played with one of the other dads handing a block back and forth and kept telling him “thank you” when he got the block back. But this post I wanted to talk about how grateful I am to know these wonderful families and for Hudson to have to opportunity to go somewhere and have his family be “normal”. There are no strange looks, no inappropriate questions or comments. It is a place where Hudson can feel safe and see that he is not the only one adopted transracially. It is a wonderful feeling to know he can grow up with these kids and families and have other people who will know what his is going through at times and what he is feeling. I strongly urge anyone who adopts transracially to find a group so your child can feel at ease and relaxed and have people to connect with. And of course there is the benefit for me and Tony to have other parents know what we go through. To know the struggles and the emotional roller coaster of adoption. To know what it is like to have people speak without thinking first. And to go to for support, encouragement, and advice. I am truly thankful to know this group of families! And to think it happened because I decided to go back into the swimming pool a year ago after swim class and ask one of the moms for her contact info after a brief encounter in the parking lot.


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