I think the title says it all. November is National Adoption Month and today is Orphan Sunday so we thought today would be a perfect time to announce our family’s plans. We have decided we want to continue to grow our family. This time around we are going to do an international adoption through DR Congo, Africa. We have always felt led towards an international adoption even before we tried to start a family. Since the process for paperwork and fundraising will take us two years we decided to start the journey now. We have had our home study visit and are waiting for the social worker to finish typing it up. And everyone got in on the action to help prep the house.

After that we will apply to Immigration which can take 8 weeks for approval. We will then be officially paper ready. In the meantime we are starting the fundraising process. Check out our fundraising page for our first fundraiser that is set up and ready to go. We will use this blog to keep everyone updated on the progress of our journey and fundraisers as they come up.

I know there are probably TONS of questions so let me answer some that we have already been asked:

Are you going to adopt a boy or a girl: We aren’t doing a gender specific adoption. We are limiting the age to under 1 and are open to a boy or a girl.

Will you be traveling: Yes, I will be traveling to the Congo to bring our baby home. Tony will not be traveling because he doesn’t get enough time off from work for the time we will need to be there and we want one of Hudson’s parents to be with him while the other is gone. I hope to not travel alone and our cousin Breanah is willing to make the journey with me.

Is it safe: Yes, just like any international travel you have to be smart and careful, and we will be!

What agency are we using: We have decided to go the independent route for a variety of reasons and will not be using an agency. This means we will be doing more of the work, but we are up for the challenge! We have researched and talked with others and through what we have learned this seems to be the best option for our family.

Do we have names picked out: Not yet

Will we do “cocooning” like we did with Hudson: YES! this is very important for the attachment and emotional health of the child. We will actually probably do it more than what we did with Hudson. (I promise to write a post about what this is in more detail and what it will look like for our family later). In short, this is the time for the child to learn who their parents are and that their parents will meet their needs (again, that was a very BRIEF description). But for those that know about how we did this for Hudson it will be done again.

How much will it cost: Well that is more of a personal question, but what I will say it that we estimate we will need to fundraise about $15,000.

What can we do to help: Share this page and our fundraisers as they come up. Pray, send happy thoughts, whatever it is you do to help us through this journey and for the children in the Congo.

Any other questions feel free to ask. Thank you for your support on this journey!

I want to give a quick THANKS to those that helped us prepare for the home study in some way: Stephanie and Matt, Tricia and Nate, Jaylene and Jeff, April and Justin, Katie, Cynthia, and Breanah! Thank you all for your help!


3 thoughts on “WE ARE ADOPTING AGAIN!

  1. Patty Mosier

    So happy for your growing family. Hudson is going to be a great “big” brother to his new sibling,be it a brother or a sister!!!!!!!


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